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Posted by Jennifer Frazer

Swedes searching for nuclear waste storage site stumble on a pocket of fungi that may reveal a huge hidden reservoir of life

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The Fourth TetZooCon

Sep. 23rd, 2017 03:00 pm
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Posted by Darren Naish

It’s time once again for a unique conference experience, and it happens in London on October 21st…

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Posted by House Call Doctor Sanaz Majd

Prostate cancer screening has become a controversial topic. You may have wondered why your doctor stopped screening you for it. Learn the pros and cons of prostate cancer screening and the risk...

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Posted by Alex Smith

Entrepreneur Stinson Dean (left) and his wife Stephanie play with their three children in their yard in Independence, Mo.  He says the Affordable Care Act made it possible for him to start his own business.

Obamacare made it easier for people to leave jobs to start their own ventures and entice others to join, knowing they could buy insurance independently. Some entrepreneurs worry that could change.

(Image credit: Alex Smith/KCUR)

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Posted by Soraya Sarhaddi Nelson

A poster in Essen showing women in traditional German dress promotes the far-right party Alternative for Germany. The poster says, "Colorful variety? We have already."

The poster tradition dates back hundreds of years and serves as an equalizer in modern-day German elections. But some of today's messaging has been provocative to the point of causing offense.

(Image credit: Martin Meissner/AP)


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